Similarities Between Jail Alternatives and Alternative Medicine


Jail Alternatives and Diversion programs are inexpensive solutions that can help reduce incarceration and recidivism at lower costs compared to standard incarceration approaches. Having a diversity of programs to choose from makes it possible to have a custom package designed for each inmate. Custom tailored personalized planning ensures maximum results.

A similar approach is taken in alternative medicine. Depending on a person’s specific wellness needs, a plan is developed. This customization results in optimal effectiveness.

With alternative medicine and incarceration reduction programs, a holistic approach considers ways to prevent problems before they occur.

The reason that traditional incarceration approaches are used so heavily is because the one-size-fits all approach to throwing people in a jail cell requires little assessment of the inmate’s personal circumstances or needs. Similarly, in western medicine, broad solutions are provided rather than personalized ones. Little emphasis is placed on preventing problems and there is little if any monetary incentive on the part of institutions to reduce the demand for their services.

For example, a person who is pre-diabetic can follow a list of personalized dietary instructions and exercise guidelines to reduce or eliminate their chances of getting diabetes. If they follow the instructions, they can avoid further problems. However, what if they don’t follow the guidelines? Perhaps it’s better to give people a pill instead of a list of instructions. Similarly with high blood pressure, there are things people can do to prevent it. However, much of the time medicine is given instead because it’s a one-size-fits-all solution.

So, a potential challenge with holistic attempts to prevent illness or incarceration is that multifaceted approaches may require consistent commitment on the part of the patient/inmate.

Ultimately, personalized approaches are a good choice that empower each person to have greater control over their life.

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