Many of the sources we use for data, and the organizations we promote on our site have pitted themselves against law enforcement and others who work within the justice system and corrections.

While we believe these groups are raising public awareness, we believe a more effective way to achieve a positive outcome is to take a collaborative approach to addressing the global, national, and local incarceration crisis.

When law enforcement, attorneys, judges, and county officials request resources, we fully support those requests and ensure they have the infrastructure to get their jobs done. We believe that underfunding the justice system and impeding requests for funding will have an adverse effect on those being processed by the justice system.

Rather than directly fighting against and protesting jails and prisons, we develop and implement cost effective solutions for reducing crime. Our goal is that the outcome of our efforts should produce diminishing demands on the justice system.

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“Rather than focusing our energy and attention on protesting the incarceration crisis, we must focus on creating solutions that make incarceration obsolete.”