Jeff Cox: Yes We Can….Control Local Arrest Rates. The War on Drugs and Racial Disparities

Below is a video presentation by Jeff Cox recorded 23 April 2013 at Alternatives to a Bigger Jail: A Public Forum.

No New Jail – Iowa City Group Opposed to Johnson County Jail (Justice Center)

20130425th-jail-oppostion-logo-188x188Summary. and the “No New Jail” campaign are initiatives of a group in Johnson County, Iowa opposed to jail expansion for the county.

A proposal from the county includes expansion of the courthouse facilities and jail. The proposed project is named the Justice Center.

The opposition group, based in Iowa City, is focused on resisting the jail portion of the proposal.

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Note/Disclaimer: As stated on the Justice Equity about page, our focus is on exploring and implementing solutions that will reduce crime and incarceration. We feel that divisiveness and demonizing or blaming “the other” isn’t as productive as cooperation, respect, and collaboration. While Justice Equity embraces the concerns of many decarceration groups, and uses their data, we can’t endorse all of their methods. We almost always agree on the problems, but not always agree on the solutions. To those who say, “the solution is we need to stop arresting people” or “we just need to stop building jails” we say that it’s more important to pursue initiatives that will genuinely reduce crime making arrests and incarceration a non-issue.